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Name : Dr M Srikanth
Education : Ph.D(Financial Economics)
Experience : Experience of 17 years (Banking: 13 years + Teaching/Research: 4 years including IIM Shillong)
Email : msrikanth.nird[at]
Phone : (+91) 040-24008482
Mobile : 9949773504

Areas of Specialisation

Banking, Micro-Finance, Rural Credit, Financial Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Business Models, Risk Management, Financial Markets, etc.

Professional Affiliation

  • Member of Indian Finance Association, Kolkata

  • Member of Financial Education Association, University of Houston, USA


Research Publications

  1. M. Srikanth & W. R. Reddy (2017), “An Evaluation of Financial Inclusion in India: Some Policy Insights”, Micro Finance Review, 9 (2). pp. 1-14.
  2. Lagesh M.A., M. Srikanth & D. Acharya (2018) “Corporate performance during business cycles: Evidence from India”, Global Business Review, forthcoming.
  3. Saravanan P., M. Srikanth & Suhas A. (2017), “Compensation of Top Brass, Corporate Governance and Performance of the Indian Family Firms – An Empirical Study", Social Responsibility Journal, 13 (3), pp.529-551.
  4. Saravanan P., Siva Sankaran N., M. Srikanth & T.S. Shaw (2017), “Enhancing shareholder value through efficient working capital management: An Empirical evidence from India”, Finance India, 13 (3), pp.851-871.
  5. Tripathy N., M. Srikanth & Lagesh M.A. (2016), “Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth: Evidence from India”, Journal of International Business and Economy, 17 (1), pp.91-111.
  6. P. Saravanan, M. Srikanth & Suhas M.A. (2016), “Executive Compensation, Firm Performance and Corporate Governance: Evidence from India", International Journal of Corporate Governance; 7 (4), pp.377-403.
  7. Saravanan P., M. Srikanth & Suhas A. (2015) “Gold Monetization Scheme: Will it meet with Success?”, Economic & Political Weekly, L (45), November 07, pp.72-78.
  8. M. Srikanth & Krishna Reddy Chittedi (2014), ‘Perspectives on Forward Premia in the Indian Foreign Exchange Market: A Study of USD/INR’, Journal of Stock and Forex Trading, 3 (4).
  9. M. Srikanth & Braj Kishore (2014), ‘Credit Risk Management in Indian Banks – An Empirical Assessment’, Asian Economic Review, 56 (2), pp.157-172.
  10. M. Srikanth & Braj Kishore (2013), ‘Dynamics of exchange rates and Forward Premia - An Empirical Study on USD/INR’, Artha Vijnana, LV (3), pp. 308-325.
  11. M. Srikanth & Bhat M.S. (2013), ‘Volatility in USD-INR forward premia – Evidence from India’, Journal of Management, 43 (1), pp. 67-85.
  12. M. Srikanth & Braj Kishore (2012), ‘Exchange Rate Dynamics in the Indian Foreign Exchange Market: An Empirical Investigation on the Movement of USD/INR’, Applied Finance, 18 (4), pp. 46-61.
  13. M. Srikanth & Braj Kishore (2012), ‘Net FII Inflows into India: A Cause and Effect Study’, Journal of Management, 41 (2), pp. 107-120.
  14. M. Srikanth & Braj Kishore (2012), ‘FDI and its Impact – An Empirical Investigation from India’, Foreign Trade Review, 46 (4), pp. 3-17.
  15. M. Srikanth (2008), ‘The Determinants of Forward Premia in Indian Forex Market’, Vidwat, 1 (1), pp. 14-19.
  16. M. Srikanth (2006), ‘The Indian Stock Market: An Overview of Select Features’, Business Vision, 2 (4), pp. 57-64.

Case Studies published at Ivey Publishing, Canada

  1. M. Srikanth & P. Saravanan, “Nava Bharat: Energy Solutions for India”, published in July, 2017 (Product Number: 9B17N017)
  2. M. Srikanth & P. Saravanan, “Premier Explosives: Finance for organic growth”, published in February, 2016 (Product Number: 9B16N001)
  3. M. Srikanth, P. Saravanan & T.S. Shaw, “Coromandel: Enhancement of Short-term Finance”, published in February, 2016 (Product Number: 9B16N006)
  4. M. Srikanth, P. Saravanan & T.S. Shaw, “Sathavahana: Strategies for Financial Turnaround”, published in January, 2016 (Product Number: 9B15N036)
  5. M. Srikanth & P. Saravanan, “Covalent: Term Loan for Expansion and Modernization”, published in June, 2015 (Product Number: 9B15N009)

Publications - Book/Chapter

  1. Authored a chapter on “Commodities and Risk Management” for PGDBM Programme of University of Hyderabad. ‘Financial Risk Management’ (430), 2006, pp. 128-152.

Articles in News Papers / News Letters

  1. M. Srikanth (2018), FRDI Bill and the Indian Banks, Pragati, NIRD & PR’s News letter, February, pp. 16-18.
  2. M. Srikanth (2017), Inclusive Growth through Alternative Sustainable Livelihoods, Pragati, NIRD & PR’s News letter, October, pp. 6-7.
  3. M. Srikanth (2017), Self Help Groups: To enter the next orbit, Pragati, NIRD & PR’s News letter, September, pp.14-16.
  4. Saravanan P. & M. Srikanth, “Need Money? Take a loan against your gold ornaments”, Financial Express, October 18, 2016
  5. Saravanan P. & M. Srikanth, “Investing: Pricing Stocks”, Financial Express, January 26, 2016
  6. Saravanan P. & M. Srikanth, “The Backup Plan”, Financial Express, June 16, 2015


Current research

  1. Small Finance Banks, Self-Help Groups – Bank Linkage, Kisan Credit Cards.



  1. Presented a Paper on ‘Impact of Earnings Management on the Firm Value: An Empirical Evidence from India’ at International Conference conducted by IIT, Madras on August 12-13, 2016.
  2. Presented a Paper on ‘Volatility in Exchange rates: Impact on performance of the Indian Manufacturing Firms’ at International Conference conducted by IPE, Hyderabad on September 29-30, 2015.
  3. Presented a paper on ‘’Dynamics of USD/INR forwards in the Indian foreign exchange market” at 12th AIMS International Conference on January 2-5, 2015 at IIM Kozhikode.
  4. Presented a Paper on ‘FDI and its impact – An empirical investigation from India’ at International Conference on Business & Finance, conducted by IBS, Hyderabad on January 6-7, 2012.
  5. Presented a Paper on ‘Exchange rate Dynamics of USD/INR’ at 3rd International Conference on Applied Econometrics, conducted by IBS, Hyderabad on December 16-17, 2011.

Trainings Conducted

Trainer in Working Capital Management, Project Finance, Credit Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Exchange Rate Dynamics, Analysis of Financial Statements, etc.

Invited Talks / Presentations

Honours / Awards:


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