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Name : Dr C. Kathiresan
Education : M.Sc (Agri), Ph.D (Horticulture)
Experience : 13 years
Email : kathiresan.nird[at]
Phone : 040-24008547

Areas of Specialisation

ICT for Agriculture and Rural Development (ICT4ARD), Knowledge Management through Digital Technologies (Web Portals, e-Learning, Mobile Applications), Precision Agriculture, Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in Agriculture, Partnership Building, Training and Capacity Building

Areas of Interest

ICT for Development, Knowledge Management in Rural Development through Digital Technologies, Partnership Building, Smart farming, Internet of Things (IoT) in Agriculture.

Professional Affiliation

  1. Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS)
  2. Horticultural Society of India
  3. IEEE

Publications/articles/cases/reviews (Numbers)

International Journals/Proceedings– 4

National Journals/Proceedings– 6

Books authored – 1

Book Chapters – 2

Technical Reports – 7

Popular Articles – 14


R&D projects implemented/associated during 2006 – 2017

  1. India Development Gateway (InDG) – implemented by C-DAC, Hyderabad, sponsored by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India (2006-17)
  2. Wireless Sensor Networks based pest and disease forewarning model for groundnut crop (HARITA PRIYA) – undertaken by C-DAC in association with CRIDA & ANGRAU (2014-16)
  3. Creating model e-Villages in North East India (e-Village) – implemented by C-DAC, Hyderabad in association with Central Agricultural University (CAU), Manipur (2008-11)
  4. Mobile based Maternal Health Awareness (MOTHER) – in association with Health Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh (2011-15)
  5. Design, Development and implementation of ‘Dynamic Market Information (DMI)’ - in association with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) (2008-12)
  6. Development & Maintenance of Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) – Co-Partnered with ICAR- Indian Institute of Rice Research (IIRR) under NAIP (2009-12)
  7. Developing Expert Systems for Crop and Animal Husbandry Enterprises- associated with TNAU under NAIP (2010-13)


Participation at :

National level : 45

International level: 17(including 3 outside India – Switzerland, Bangladesh and Mauritius)


36 trainings organised/associated at National, State, District and Community level related to ICT Applications and Knowledge Management.

Invited Talks / Presentations

As Resource person/Guest speaker, handled sessions of more than 500 hours in training programmes organised by Institutions like NIRDPR, CIRDAP, MANAGE, SAUs, EEI, APHRD and ICAR institutions on the subjects including ICT Applications in Rural Development, Agriculture, Knowledge Management, Internet of Things (IoT), e-Learning etc…

Honours / Awards:

  1. WSIS Prize 2016 in ICT Applications (e-Agriculture) at the World Summit on Information Society, Geneva - awarded by International Telecommunication Union (ITU), United Nations
  2. Skoch Smart Technology Award 2015 for HARITA-PRIYA project (2015)
  3. e-India Award for MOTHER project (2012)
  4. e-North East Award for Model e-Village project (2011)
  5. Best Employee Award (2010) & Best Team Award in C-DAC (2009)
  6. Best Paper Presentation Award, TNAU (2002)
  7. Senior Research Fellowship, ICAR (1999)
  8. Junior Research Fellowship, ICAR (1997)
  9. PASIC Gold medal for topper in Seed Technology subject in B.Sc (Ag) (1996)

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