Name : Dr P Kesava Rao
Education : B.E. (Civil); M. Tech (Remote Sensing); Ph.D (Remote Sensing)
Experience : 24 Years (11 Years in NIRD&PR&13 Years in JNTU - H)
Email : kesava.nird[at]
Phone : (+91) 040-24008449
Mobile : 9849257622

Areas of Specialisation

Remote Sensing; GIS; GPS; Digital Image Processing applications to Land use Planning; Watershed development and Monitoring; Rural Infrastructure development; Resource planning; Large scale Mapping; LIS; Terrain Modelling and Change detection studies.

Professional Affiliation

  • Life Member of Indian Society of Remote Sensing

  • Life Member of Indian Society of Geo-informatics

Publications/articles/cases/reviews (Numbers)

Publications/ Articles/ Cases/ Reviews (Numbers) - 70


Current research

  1. Geo-informatics applications in Watersheds, RuralRoads, VillagePlanning;Climate changes studies,Mobile Mapping andSDSS.


Workshops / Conferences attended

National - 26

International - 22

Trainings Conducted

138 Programmes in Geo-informatics Applications to Rural Development, Natural Resource Management; Disaster Management; Micro Level Planning; Planning and Monitoring/Management of Watersheds, MGNREGS, PMGSY and PMKSY.

Invited Talks / Presentations

Honours / Awards:


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