Action Plan

NIRDPR is working on the prime objectives with the following action Plan:

  1. Objective : To develop a knowledge base on GRGs and Document Best Practices
    Activities :
    • Develop an e-repository on GRG for knowledge and information sharing
    • Develop Handbook on gender friendly panchayat comprising:
      • Conceptual framework
      • Case studies/Best Practices of gender friendly panchayats
      • Operational Manual/Handbook for implementing gender friendly panchayats at the Gram Panchayat level
    • Preparation of GRG index to evaluate GRG for evaluating gender responsive governance at the state, district and Gram Panchayat level based on secondary data
    • Facilitate the development of a learning plan for NIRDPR & SIRDs including an exposure visit
    • Working Paper on Gender Mainstreaming in Rural Development
  2. Objective: To review Capacity Development Frameworks and Approaches at the National Level Activities :
    • Review existing training curriculum at NIRD & PR and prepare specific inputs on gender mainstreaming in rural livelihoods program, water and sanitation, skill development, health and nutrition etc.-Working Paper on Gender Mainstreaming in Rural Development
    • Conduct in-house ToT for select NIRD&PR faculty on Gender Responsive Governance aimed at mainstreaming gender in exiting training curriculum for RD&PR
    • One day ToT for Non-Partner SIRD Faculty members and Senior Faculty of NIRDPR
    • One Day Follow up Workshop of ToT to assess the impact of ToT on research and training
  3. Objective: To advocate, coordinate and network with key stakeholders for ensuring gender responsive governance through institutions of local governance.
    • Facilitate constitution of a working group with nodal officials /programme partners from the state level.
    • Development and dissemination of Communication material on GFP
    • Convene 2 periodic meetings of key partners at the national and state level/ working group to discuss progress, share information