From Opportunities to Capacities: A Multi-Sectoral Approach to Enhancing Gender Responsive Governance



  1. Report of the TOT held with select NIRDPR faculty on GRG held in June 2017

  2. Report of the TOT on GRG held with senior faculty of NIRDPR and SIRD faculty held from 28-29 November 2017

  3. Report of the Follow Up TOT held with select NIRDPR faculty held on 30 November 2017

  4. Report of the first Review Meeting with Project Partners held in January 2017

  5. Report of the second Review Meeting with Project partners held on 10 January 2018

  6. Report of the Workshop on GRG matrix held on 13 February 2018


  1. 1. E Repository on GRG
  2. 2. Handbook on GFP
    • Conceptual Framework of Gender Friendly Panchayats
    • Case Studies on Gender Friendly Panchayats
    • Handbook for operationalizing Gender Friendly Panchayat at the Gram Panchayat Level
    • Posters on Gender Friendly Panchayats
  3. 3. GRG Matrix
    • Working Paper on GRG Matrix
    • Report on the Construction of GRG matrix and Operational framework
    • Field Report of Pilot Testing GRG Matrix
  4. 4. Working Paper on Gender Mainstreaming in Rural Development in India